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Burning – film that blew up Cannes competition starts in Minsk on 5 July
This year film-discovery of the Cannes Film Festival
"The Man Who Stole Banksy" – provocative motion picture about legendary street artist’s influence starts in Minsk
Banksy’s real name is unknown, but his works are stolen in broad daylight, praised and considered talentless at the same time
A juvenescent comedy "I got life!" will be shown in the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique
Life is so unpredictable that it can present many surprises: unexpected new love, quit and grandchildren
The film "Tomorrow" of a Belarusian girl Julia Shatun waits for the international premiere in France!
The film will participate at the 29th Marseille International Film Festival

Thirty international film festivals entered an alliance on contribution to exchange in the cinema

Manage your destiny: "The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir" will be shown in Minsk
The comedy-adventure film s based on a novel released in 2014 by Romain Puertolas titled The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe
Director Kira Muratova dies at 83
Director and screenwriter Kira Muratova passed away on 6 June
Sensational Israel film "Foxtrot" comes out in "Listapad.Collection"

The absurdist tragicomedy about the relationship between children and parents, fault, revenge and forgiveness