Сергей Лозница
In the fog
Western frontiers of the USSR, 1942. The region is under German occupation, and local partisans are fighting a brutal resistance campaign. A train is derailed not far from the village, where Sushenya, a rail worker, lives with his family. I
Павел Костомаров, Александр Расторгуев
I don’t love you
A youth comedy about the tragedy of first love. An experiment in the area of the cinematic language. REC, accidentally pressed in the middle of a fight. A few bedroom scenes, shot with a home camera. Cries and whispers of the worker outskirts. The
Илмар Рааг
A Lady in Paris
Anne leaves Estonia to come to Paris as a caretaker for Frida, an elderly Estonian lady who emigrated to France long ago. Anne soon realizes that she is not wanted. All Frida wants from life is the attention of Stéphane, her younger former
Дарежан Омирбаев
A film based on Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime And Punishment”. A student of Philosophy suffers from lack of money and loneliness. He is stressed by the surrounding atmosphere of poverty and the ideology of total survival compe
Михаил Сегал
Short Stories
A young writer brings a collection of short stories to a big Moscow publishing house. The manuscript stays at the office and mysteriously influences the lives of anyone who opens it and reads at least one page. There are four stories in the manusc
Заза Урушадзе
The Guardian
After 16 years behind bars, Gogliko is released. He doesn't exactly know what he did that deserved such a stiff sentence. Now a free man, a changed country awaits him. His personal situation is totally changed, too. His parents are gone and most o
Юрис Пошкус
Kolka Cool
A small village on the Baltic coast. Three friends spend their summer days by drinking beer, killing time and picking up fights with neghboring villagers. One of them, Andzha, is trying to convince his girlfriend to marry him. The time seems endle
Кристиан Мунджу
Beyond the Hills
Alina gets back from Germany to bring Voichița – the only person she loves and was loved by in this world – back to her. But Voichița found God – and God is the most difficult lover one can be jealous of.
Василий Сигарев
Man can feel and suffer, love and live his destiny, even if that destiny takes away the most precious things in his life: close people. It takes them away cruelly and suddenly, as happens to the heroes of the fi lm. It takes them away together wi
Radu Jude
Everybody in Our Family
There’s no way around it: modern man reacts to stress much like his stone-age forefathers, his physical chemistry deciding within seconds on fight or flight. Aside from the morning hangover, his parents, the battle with nicotine and car prob

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