Ярослав Войтек
The Gypsy Vote
A documentary film about the attempt of the Gypsy leader to win elections in “white” Slovakia.  Vlado Sendrei, a Romani cultural and sports activist, decides to step out of the b
Виктор Аслюк
This is quite a strange place. It’s very warm here even in the middle of winter. Men and women are half-dressed and hot. Their movements at the machines are perfect: fast and rhythmic like a dance. The incessant hum of machines sounds
Гелена Тржештикова
Private Universe
Honza was born in 1974 into the cheerless era of socialism in Czechoslovakia. At that time, his parents Jana and Petr lived in one room in the apartment of Jana’s divorced mother and her widowed grandmother. A few years later, the family mov
Иван Головнев
The film is about Siberian North, which is the place of birth for some people and a mine for others.
Лайла Пакалніна
Snow Crazy
There is a popular Latvian folksong which begins with the phrase “I was singing out high on a mountain”. The irony of it is that according to physical geography there are no mountains in Latvia. So what’s exactly the place where
Лаура Лаабс
Spinach and Sugar
Born in 1985 in Berlin. In 2004–2009, she studied Politics, Philosophy and Journalism in Berlin, Potsdam and Paris. During that period she completed internships at the European Parliament in Brussels, the TIME Magazine Berlin office and the
Срджан Саренач
Village Without Women
In Southwest Serbia, atop a mountain and four kilometers from the nearest road, the Jankovic brothers hold down the fort in the womanless village of Zabrdje. Dragan, Zoran, and Rodoljub, along with their neighbor, Velimir, represent the ent
Эгле Вертелите
A problematic 12 year-old Mongolian kid Galbatrakh (Galaa), who has no father, tries to survive in Mongolian ger (Mongolian house) district by selling goods in a black market and skipping his school. However, one day his mother decides that Galaa
Стефан Валдобрев
«My Mate Manchester United»
Following the quest of a man's awkward dream to be named after his favorite football club, the film director brings us close to a Bulgarian builder and his memorable mates, and creates a moving portrait of contemporary Bulgaria with its bewildered
Петр Бернась
The dramatic story of a man who makes controversial choices on a daily basis, and who consequently pays a heavy emotional, personal and ethical price. The main protagonist appears to be as ruthless towards himself as the world in which he hunts.