Олег Сенцов
A teen-age drama about a kid called Koss from a small town. He is a gamer who lives in the world of computer shooters. He does not go to classes, is constantly in conflict with his mother, he is admired by the fans, practices a lot and wants to b
Джонни Хендрикс Инестроса
Choco is a hard-working woman with two children and a drunkard musician for a husband. In the mornings, Choco works in a gold mine along the San Juan river. In the afternoons, she cleans clothes for richer families. When her daughter turns 7, the
Юлене Олайсола
The deterioration of a small community in Fogo Island is forcing its inhabitants to leave and resettle. Places once occupied by humans are now becoming part of the tundra landscape. In spite of a condemn future, there are some residents who decide
Олмо Омерзу
A Night Too Young
Two boys on the edge of puberty end up together with two men in a young woman’s apartment. Here they experience their first encounter with love and sexuality. They become witnesses and at the same time tools for the adults' invidious relatio
Мичель Франко
After Lucia
Six months after the death of his wife in a car accident, Roberto and his teenage daughter Alejandra set off from Vallarta for a fresh start in Mexico City. Alejandra finds her feet more easily than Roberto but very soon, she has aroused the baser
Дэниел Неттхейм
Closing Film: The Hunter
The Hunter is the story of Martin, a skilled and ruthless mercenary sent into the Tasmanian wilderness on a hunt for a tiger believed to be extinct. Hired by an anonymous company that wants the tiger’s genetic material, Martin arrives in Tas
Кейт Шортленд
At the close of the war in Germany 1945, a group of children set out to cross a devastated country to reach their Grandmother some 900 km to the North. The eldest, Lore, is left in charge of her four younger siblings when their SS Nazi parents are
Селтон Меллу
The Clown
Benjamin and Waldemar are a fabulous clown duo travelling with Circus Esperanza. One day, Benjamin feels he has lost his talent and he decides to leave the circus he grew up. Only with a copy of his birth certificate in hand, he goes on an adventu
Николас Провост
The Invider
Amadou, a strong and charismatic African man, is washed up on a beach in southern Europe. Fate leads him to Brussels where, full of optimism, he tries to make a better life for himself. Exploited by traffickers, his daily life is slowly drained of
Алехандро Фадель
The Wild Ones
Like a western, it starts with an escape. Five teenagers violently escape a reform school in an Argentinean province. They travel by foot, across hills, a hundred kilometers, for the promise of a new home. They carry a few supplies and a shotgun.