Сергей Лебедев
At the crossroads ...
The film tells the story of a woman who needs to make a difficult choice. It can completely change her life or leave it in place. And this is an adoption of little boy Nikita who has already used to be with her and started to call her “mothe
Наталия Коцовская
Let the music start!
The film shows elderly people who are engaged in school of sports and ballroom dancing. For some of them this is a kind of relaxation, for someone this is just one of the classes, and for someone this is an urgent need. 
Евгения Шут
Waiting for Love...
Waiting for Love... is a film about love and about people who loved, was loved and still waiting to love. The girl is telling about her life, about her relation to friendship, marriage, men. And the way she speaks, behaves and communicate with oth
Иван Куракевич
Without water
The characters of the film have found themselves in an environment where they die. They can not live here, this is their nature, but they are still breathing ...
Анета Оханж
I am Happy
The film tells the story of a man, who, in spite of difficulties, keeps on being optimistic, and leads us to be wise and never be pessimistic.
Гарник Хчоян
Meeting at the Сross-stone
This film is about two wall-paintings of Minas Avetisyan «Meeting» and «At the cross-stone» which are brought to Erevan from one of the factories of Gumry. The wall-paintings have restored and moved to the Government Buildi
Алик Саргскян
The film is about the life of the man whose parents moved from Sverdlovsk to Armenia in 1946, when he was 15 years old. It shows his touching memories, experiences, and his lonely life. The film is dedicated to problems of elderly people.
Герою фільма дваццаць тры гады, і ён звычайны летуценнік. Працуе прадаўцом у гіпермаркеце, жыве ў камуналцы з працоўнымі мігрантамі і ў
Сэм Смит-Хиггинс и Люси Лидделл
Vince and Cherry’s Greatest Hits
Vince and Cherry had it all – music and fame. They also had booze and fights. Then god told them to stop and build a church in the south Wales Valleys. They did as they were told – but no one comes.
Кэтрин Оуэн, Дэнни Робертс
The Prisoner List
In 1942 Reuben Kandler was taken prisoner by the Japanese and for nearly four years was forced to work in labour camps on the notorious Burma Railway. During his time imprisoned he wrote ‘The Prisoner List’ a complete record of the nam