Сэм Смит-Хиггинс и Люси Лидделл
Vince and Cherry’s Greatest Hits
Vince and Cherry had it all – music and fame. They also had booze and fights. Then god told them to stop and build a church in the south Wales Valleys. They did as they were told – but no one comes.
Кэтрин Оуэн, Дэнни Робертс
The Prisoner List
In 1942 Reuben Kandler was taken prisoner by the Japanese and for nearly four years was forced to work in labour camps on the notorious Burma Railway. During his time imprisoned he wrote ‘The Prisoner List’ a complete record of the nam
Эшлин-Димпна МакКена
Hide and Seek
Approximatly 5000 immigrants seek asylum in Ireland each year. Here are the stories of the women who risked their lives trying to save their children from brutality and captivity, as they allow me to enter their world revealing their darkest night
Джош Бэмфорд, Себастьян Фихан
Eighty Eight
Champion roller skater, cyclist and swimmer: Ralph Settle refuses to let old age get the better of him. Now 88 and a widower, everyone on the streets of Cornwall knows him by sight as «The Banjo Man».