The Prisoner List

Великобритания , 2011г., 17 min


Кэтрин Оуэн, Дэнни Робертс

In 1942 Reuben Kandler was taken prisoner by the Japanese and for nearly four years was forced to work in labour camps on the notorious Burma Railway. During his time imprisoned he wrote ‘The Prisoner List’ a complete record of the names and fates of all those that were held captive with him. This short documentary uses interview, archive and motion graphic animation to bring to life Reubens incredible story and unbelievable tales of survival, courage and human spirit that are captured in the list of names he wrote.

Кэтрин Оуэн, Дэнни Робертс - 1

Кэтрин Оуэн, Дэнни Робертс

Кэтрин Оуэн Окончила факультет документального кино и телевидения Киношколы в Ньюпорте в 2011 году.  Дэнни Робертс Окончил Киношколу в Ньюпорте. Кроме документальных фильмов также снял ряд музыкальных видео. 

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