Эшлин-Димпна МакКена
Hide and Seek
Approximatly 5000 immigrants seek asylum in Ireland each year. Here are the stories of the women who risked their lives trying to save their children from brutality and captivity, as they allow me to enter their world revealing their darkest night
Джош Бэмфорд, Себастьян Фихан
Eighty Eight
Champion roller skater, cyclist and swimmer: Ralph Settle refuses to let old age get the better of him. Now 88 and a widower, everyone on the streets of Cornwall knows him by sight as «The Banjo Man».
Моран Иферган
KMS – Jewish Negroes
One year with three friends, Ethiopian Jews, Rap Singers – KMS Band. They live in the large ghetto of central Israel. The film observes their daily life and catches the reality of black generation trying to find their identity in &laq
Дорон Джерасси
Free Improvisation
An intimate portrait of Jean Claude Jones, a 60 year old avant-garde double bass player from Jerusalem, who has dedicated his life to music, the adhesive that keeps the people in his life together. Ever since he was diagnosed with MS, his ability
Рона Соффер
Love Davka
«In the age of 15 I was involved in a severe car accident.  In the film I pursued the challenge of finding love. I met disabled and non-disabled men and searched for my place in a love equation. I was in for a surprise».
Игорь Хойна
A Screening at The Tatry Cinema
Darek Ambroszczyk is the only person working at a small declining cinema in Łódź. He spends hours in the ticket office of the empty Tatry cinema indulging in grumbling and manifesting his dislike for the world and accidental clients. Is it
Петр Сулковски
The Conversation
Janusz is serving life imprisonment. Agnieszka was sentenced to 25 years in prison. They had met eight years ago writing letters. Until this film was shot they have never seen each other before.
Ягода Шельц
What would have happened if Don Quixote and Dulcinea had children? The story about the artist and his life.

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