Моран Иферган
KMS – Jewish Negroes
One year with three friends, Ethiopian Jews, Rap Singers – KMS Band. They live in the large ghetto of central Israel. The film observes their daily life and catches the reality of black generation trying to find their identity in &laq
Дорон Джерасси
Free Improvisation
An intimate portrait of Jean Claude Jones, a 60 year old avant-garde double bass player from Jerusalem, who has dedicated his life to music, the adhesive that keeps the people in his life together. Ever since he was diagnosed with MS, his ability
Рона Соффер
Love Davka
«In the age of 15 I was involved in a severe car accident.  In the film I pursued the challenge of finding love. I met disabled and non-disabled men and searched for my place in a love equation. I was in for a surprise».