Александр Карпиловский
My Own Honour Bright
Based on the eponymous book by Mikhail Seslavinsky. A small town in the Nizhny Novgorod region, 1970s. The main characters of the film are the pioneers Dimka and Mishka who all the time fall into different funny situations. The film shows a
Нила Мадхаб Панда
Jalpari – The Desert Mermaid
Shreya arrives at her father's village for the first time during her vacations. She and her brother Sam had, in their imagination spun the village right out of a fairytale, replete with streams, lakes and grasslands that will allow them to run fre
Ерлан Нурмухамбетов, Бегарс Елубаев
Kambar’s Holidays
Twelve-years old Kambar comes to his grandparents for holidays. There he meets Samal and other children. Together they swim in the river, cook potatoes at night campfire and tell scary stories under the stars. One night the wolf attacks the
Николь ван Килсдонк
Taking Chances
Kiek is worried as her father needs to work in a war zone. To reduce the chance her father will get hurt, she comes up with a strange idea: she needs a dead dog and a dead mouse. Kiek doesn't know one person who has a dead mouse, a dead dog, &aacu
Арильд Остин Оммундсен
Twigson in Trouble
Junior and his family move to the city and Twigson and Karoline are now the proud and happy parents of a son – Mini-Twigson. But Mom and Dad are worried about Junior. They have been living there for a couple of months, and he still ha
Вацлав Ворличек
Saxana: Little Witch on a Broomstick
Once upon a time, there was a young and very stubborn pupil of magic, Saxana, who escaped from Fairyland into the human world, fell in love with a mortal and lived happily ever after – keeping her past a secret from everyone. Now, her 9-year
Яанно Пылдма, Хейки Эрнитс
Lotte and the Moonstone Secret
In their last adventure, Klaus and his friends Fred and Ville took three stones from a secret temple. What they didn’t know is that the stones are the only way for the Moon Rabbits to get back home. While two of them, Tik and Rhiv, search fo
Франциска Бух
Eleven-year-old Pia suffers from the loss of her father, till one day the cute but mysterious Yeti child YOKO appears in her treehouse. YOKO has escaped from the malicious hunter Thor van Sneider, who accidentally got his hands on the little Yeti.
Kids Stories
Kolkata. Kabir runs away from school because he didn't do his homework. Two days of freedom in the big city... Kazakhstan. A letter arrives in a small village. Arujan, a 4 years old girl, has to deliver it to her grand-mother. On her way, s
Будевейн Кооль
One day, 10-year old Jojo brings a baby jackdaw home. He has to keep the jackdaw hidden from his father, who doesn’t like having birds in the house. Every now and then, Jojo secretly calls his mother but doesn’t tell her about his jack