Михаэль Ханеке
Closing Film: Love
Georges and Anne are in their eighties. They are cultivated, retired music teachers. Their daughter, who is also a musician, lives abroad with her family. One day, Anne has an attack. The couple's bond of love is severely tested.
Александра Бутор
Old lonely woman after her  husband was died has moved to the new town. She tries to make friends with two little girls but they offend her.  They do not believe that she was a little girl once. Old Woman shows them her child's photo. Li
Дмитрий Дедок
Oleg was droppen up by his girlfriend and he decides to kill himself. His cousin Max is trying to impose him by their world view quotations from Guy de Maupassant's short story "Solitude", but without success, and later we see that Max had never c
Сергей Лебедев
The film tells a story about a guy whose girlfriend was unfaithful to him. Now he wants to find all cheaters out. He gets orders for shadowing in Internet and there he publishes photos for a customer later. But this revenge attempt brings nothing
Адель Мохаге
Based on Andrei Tarkovsky’s polaroid’s and diaries.
Николай Князев
To Steal Belmondo
Popular Moscow writer Bakunin is on the top of success, but he feels the writer’s block is coming. Trying to slip away from it, he makes a bet with the publisher that he will finish his new novel in three months staying in Paris. The writer
Константин Фам
A story of a pair of shoes that starts in the shop window and runs all the way to Auschwitz. The work reflects director’s original concept:  shoes is the only object in the shot. The creator of “Shoes” tells a story o
Сергей Савенков, Павел Костевич
Selitra №7
An unusual disc containing a video with a secret code turns up at the Bureau of Investigations. Special Agent Bonepard Grab summons an ordinary journalist Petr Sanchik to show him the contents of the disc. In the video the journalist is killed by
Иван Павлов
Оh, moms!..
Vera Streltsova works as a gynecologist in the maternity hospital. Her job is very difficult and important, she helps women to give birth to healthy and happy kids. But all the patients are absolutely different. Some of them have a good family and
Андреас Дрезен
Stopped on Track
The doctor told the truth. The days are numbered. Why me and why now? A man leaves wife and children behind, parents, friends, neighbours and yesterday’s lover, the people in his life. Day by day a little farewell. Words are getting rare, lo

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