Владимир Цеслюк
I’m happy
Liudmila Volchek is a champion of the Paralympic Games in Turin in 2006. In 2000 the athlete won bronze at the European Cup in the five miles race. But in 2001 a tragedy happened to Liudmila, dividing her life into two parts. She received a severe
Наталья Жамойдик
Oksana Volkova. A Prima Vista
She was invited to the Bolshoi Theater  at the third year of the Academy of Music, a few years later she became a soloist of the youth program of Bolshoi Theatre in Russia, nowadays she is invited to «The Metropolitan Opera» and s
Зоя Котович
Marc Chagall. Unreal reality
The film is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the artist, our great compatriot Marc Chagall and his boundless love for his native city.  
Игорь Чищеня
At the Arena Today аnd Always
The film is about Gomel State Circus. Circus is one of the most honest forms of art. Here you can’t be hidden behind the modern interpretation and can’t explain your failure by the viewers misunderstanding. Everything is in the public
Анастасия Мирошниченко
Faust of Radziwill
The figure of Dr. Faustus has always attracted writers and philosophers. But the final embodiment in literature Faust found only in the work of Goethe. Prince Antoniy Henryk Radziwill, a wonderful violinist, guitarist and singer, could not but go
Екатерина Махова
A Special Theater. In Search of Happiness
Mimosa theater is a special theatre. There is no professional actors here and they don’t develop acting skills. People who come here are people with disabilities, and this amazing theater is their chance to feel their creative abilities, to
Юрий Горулев
Chronicle in the Rays of Light
The film is about a photo artist Sophie Khomentovskaya who made a lot of pictures of pre-war Polesie. Among her works are the series of landscapes, ethnographic photographs, views of Pinsk, a report from the fair in Polesie. Belarusian researchers
Игорь Бышнев
Cavaliers of Rivers, Swamps and Forests
Animals are very responsive. They know what is self-sacrifice, courage, attention, a passion... Especially at spring. And who is the most gallant of them? Who is the best dancer, who is the most caring, who entertains, feeds and protects his chose
Юрий Тимофеев
A Taken Land
The topic of Chernobyl will stay in Belarus for a long time. The film tells about a village Tulgovichi on the territory of Polesye State Radiation and Ecological Reservation. Its inhabitants were evicted in 1991, but around twenty families refused
Никита Пинигин, Сергей Макаров
A Trumpeter Day
Few people know there is in Belarus a man of trade shared here by none else. He, the city trumpeter, climbs up 120 footsteps to blow the noon time-signal there atop the fire-tower. He performs his solo just before the clock hands point the noon an

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