Stanislav Nazirov
Special Screening: What a Love!
Youth romantic comedy. The film tells about unforgettable adventures of two young ladies. An ordinary business trip turns into an exciting race full of unexpected events, sparkling humor,feelings and vivid emotions!
Maciej Pieprzyca
Closing Film: Life Feels Good
It is a story of Mateusz, a man suffering from cerebral palsy, who in his early childhood had been diagnosed as a disabled person with no contact with the outside world. After twenty five years it turned out that he was a perfectly normal and inte
Francesco Clerici
Hand Gesture
This documentary film follows the process of creating one of Velasco Vitali’s famous dog sculptures, from wax to glazed bronze, at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia (Battaglia Artistic Foundry), in Milan. The film observes the work of a group of
Wim Wenders
Salt of the Earth
For the last 40 years, photographer Sebastião Salgado has been travelling through the continents, in the footsteps of an everchanging humanity. He witnessed some of the major events of our recent history; international conflicts, starvation
Serge Avedikian, Olena Fetisova
Filmmaker Sergei Paradjanov – a genius and provocateur – creates great films that bring him international acclaim. His conduct, however, leads to a conflict with the Soviet totalitarian regime. Paradjanov is thrown
Maria Saakyan
I’m going to change my name
Evridika lives together with her mother Sona in small Armenian town Alaverdi. Sona is conductor of a world famous choir consisting of 15 men so most of the time she is on tour away from home. Evridika feels neglected and lonely accompanied only by
Emir Baigazin
Harmony Lessons
During a medical examination, 13-year-old Aslan is humiliated in front of a load of his fellow pupils. The incident unleashes his latent personality disorder. Plagued by self-doubt, he strives for cleanliness and perfection and is obsessed with tr
Alexander Veledinsky
The Geographer Drunk His Globe Away
The young biologist Viktor Sluzhkin works as a geography teacher in an ordinary school in Perm for need of money. He struggles at first, then makes friends with the pupils, clashes with the head of studies, and takes the finalists on a trip alon
Konstantin Lopushansky
The Role
The Role is about a brilliant actor in revolutionary Russia who takes on the greatest role of his life – the role of another man. Influenced by the ideas of symbolism and the Silver Age, he decides to slip into the life of his doppelganger &
Kira Muratova
Eternal Homecoming
At the heart of this story there are Him and Her, two former schoolmates who haven’t crossed paths for a long time. One day, he arrives in her city to visit her and ask her advice about a mess he’s got into: he’s in love with two

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