Stanislav Nazirov
Special Screening: What a Love!
Youth romantic comedy. The film tells about unforgettable adventures of two young ladies. An ordinary business trip turns into an exciting race full of unexpected events, sparkling humor,feelings and vivid emotions!
Maciej Pieprzyca
Closing Film: Life Feels Good
It is a story of Mateusz, a man suffering from cerebral palsy, who in his early childhood had been diagnosed as a disabled person with no contact with the outside world. After twenty five years it turned out that he was a perfectly normal and inte
Dmitry Konstantinov
Popular Russian actress Anna went to United States to develop her career 10 years ago. Suddenly she decides to come back. These few days in Moscow will be the most important of her life and will change things forever.
Larisa Sadilova
Maya has arrived in Moscow from Tajikistan, longing for happiness with her beloved man who lives in Moscow with no rights. Through her eyes we are to see the world of today's Russia…
Claire Denis
Supertanker captain Marco Silvestri is called back urgently to Paris. His sister Sandra is desperate – her husband has committed suicide, the family business has gone under, her daughter is spiralling downwards. Sandra holds powerful busines
Claire Denis
White Material
The setting is an African country during a period troubled by an uprising. In a farming region home to one of the rebel chiefs, Maria refuses to relinquish her coffee crop and to see the danger to her family that such an attitude provokes. For her
Claire Denis
35 Rhums
Lionel is a train driver on Paris’s rapid-transit rail network. He has been raising his daughter, Josephine, alone ever since she was a little girl. She has now grown into a young woman. They live side by side, a little bit like a couple, re
Клэр Дэні
Towards Mathilde
This film is mainly about two arts – cinema and dance – coming together and interchanging. But it is also about the meeting of the minds of two women, filmmaker Claire Denis and choreographer Mathilde Monnier, who share the same way of
Claire Denis
The Intruder
Louis Trebor, a man nearing 70, lives alone with dogs in the forest near the French-Swiss border. He has heart problems, seeks a transplant, and then goes in search of a son sired years before in Tahiti. Told elliptically, with few words, we see L
Claire Denis
Trouble Every Day
The airplane slips into the night, heading from the United States to Paris. Shane drinks a toast with June, his young wife. When she falls asleep on his shoulder, he abandons himself for a moment to the burning sensation of the nightmare he is dre

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