Yang Jin
Don’t Expect Praises
On the day he was supposed to graduate from elementary school, a precocious boy runs away from home and goes with his best friend on a journey to his friend’s faraway home. He encounters diverse, interesting people and discovers that “
Jānis Nords
Mother, I Love you
12-year-old Raimonds tries to cover up a bad note at school and starts a spiral of lies, which spins out of control. He has to venture into Riga’s thrilling night-life to save his saxophone, his friendship and his face in front of his mother
Tobias Ineichen
Clara And The Secret Of The Bears
Thirteen-year old Clara lives with her mother and her stepfather on a mountain farm in the Swiss Alps. Clara’s sensitivity and her strong connection with nature enable her to see and feel things others cannot perceive. One day on the meadows
Pavel Göbl
The Blacksmith from Woodham
Woodham is a small village where a war with a Turk raged some years ago. The good-hearted wood fairies were asked for assistance, in good faith, but unfortunately this consisted in evil being done on someone else, which backfired and brought misfo
Dražen Žarković
The Mysterious Boy
The Mysterious Boy is a story about fourteen-year old boys who solve a new mystery with the help of their resourceful and skilful friend Koko. Koko's friend Tomo has recently moved to the city and he craves adventure. The attention of Tomo and Kok
Alexandra Erofeeva
Yegor’s Secret
Tema Kruglov is 12 years old and he wanted to spend the summer vacations in his own way: to play computer games all days long and then to go to the seaside with his mother and stepfather. But the circumstances brought him to somebody’s summe
Evgeny Ruman
Igor and the Cranes’ Journey
When Igor's mother decides for both of them to migrate from Russia to Israel, Igor must learn to face many new challenges, just as the baby crane he observed hatching must soon set out on his first migration. This is the story of an 11 years old b
Christian Dyekjær
The Great Bird Race
Victor and his father, Jesper, are crazy with birds, and together with a lot of other families, they participate in the Great Bird Race, where it’s important to spot the rarest bird.  Victor hasn’t got a lot of friends, and always
Elena Turova
The Kindervileyka Ghost
The family of producer Kostik has inherited an old mansion which keeps some skeletons in its closets. Kostik decides to make on this territory an amusement park «Kinderville». But after the family members moved into the house they have
Vladimir Sakov
Lyolik And Barbariques
This unique project was created for younger children to embody in animation genre children’s ideas on friendship, love, respect to each other and their elders. The main heroes of the film are Lyolik, professor from the School of Friendship,