Yakov Protazanov
The Three Million Trial
To prepare grounds for yet another speculation, the banker Ornano sells his house for three million rubles, but since it the weekend he cannot deposit the money in a bank and must carry it with him. He leaves the city for a short period of time, o
Sergey Komarov
A Kiss from Mary Pickford
Goga Palkin is a theatre checktaker in love with an beginner actress named Dusya. She has a crush on Douglas Fairbanks and only wants to date someone famous like a Hollywood star. After a chance meeting and a kiss from Mary Pickford, Goga becomes
Yakov Protazanov
Aelita is referred to as the first Soviet science fiction film because of its “futuristic” sets on Mars, although most of it takes place in Moscow. The story takes place at the beginning of the NEP (New Economic Policy) in December, 19
Josephine Links
We Die
What does it mean to die? Why do we never talk about it? What are we afraid of? My grandmother has almost reached the end of her life; her body is small and wrinkled now, the skin thin as tissue paper. I know this body well; it looks like mine onl
Daniel Abma
Beyond Wriezen
Documentary accompanies three young offenders on the day they are released from Wriezen prison in Brandenburg, Eastern Germany, and over the three years that follow. The young men’s new life begins at Wriezen station, where they all set out
Alexandre Donot
There Is No Higher Praise
This movie is a portrayal of an amateur theatre company that my grand-father founded forty years ago under the influence of the theatre decentralization policy and Jean Dasté's Saint-Etienne Theatre Company. He continues to defend it as his
Daniel Capeille
Old Time
Serenity, music, tinkering, North America and a certain idea about modern way of living. Portrait of Polo…
Jenny Teng
On the meeting of the inhabitants of the CHRS of Montparnasse. Between a painful past, and a future which just begins to come out, there is a present. A present in which each looks the way between angers, frustration, doubts. A place where everyon
Mikel Gurrea
The Bird
Itziar Mendizabal is a first soloist at The Royal Ballet, London. When she was a child, she asked her father if she could be a ballet dancer. He answered writing the lyrics of the famous Basque song: Txoria Txori (The bird is a bird), setting her
Antigone Mitsimpouna-Davaki
Kristin Baybars
Talking with Kristin, an 80 year old toy shop owner in North London, is a lesson in true values and authenticity. Above all she is inspiring, she inspires you to start creating yourself, using your hands, but mainly she inspires you to change your