Galina Adamovich
Music of the War
Mark Merman, a graduate of the Philology Faculty of the Belarusian State University, came to the original song genre in the mid 80’s. There are over one hundred songs in his portfolio today, the best of them were recorded. He lives in the Un
Giedrė Beinoriūtė
Conversations On Serious Topics
Conversations On Serious Topics is a film without exterior action, props, landscapes or special effects. Its main characters are children and teenagers with a special ability to describe the surrounding world. Intimate conversations with them reve
Marc Wiese
Camp 14 - Total Control Zone
“Our sole purpose was to follow the rules of the work camp and then die. People on the outside call this place the ‘Total Control Zone.’ We knew nothing about the outside. All we knew was that our parents and our forefathers were
Tinatin Gurchiani
The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear
Georgia 2011. A film director announces a casting for 15-23 year oldyouth. This search brings her to different locations: villages and cities. Here are many people who answer the call: some are interested in becoming part of a film, others are rea
Mladen Kovacevic
“Unplugged” is an existential allegory about blowing into leaves, rattling between the most primitive of instruments and the most universal escapism of music. Meet Josip, amateur inventor set out to decode the artistry of leaf-playing,
Paweł Łoziński
Father And Son
They share a name, a profession which is their passion and a strong and a complicated bond, full of resentments. Two acclaimed documentarists, Marcel and Paweł Łoziński, go on a car journey across Europe. For the father, it is a return to his b
Heilika Pikkov
Flowers From The Mount Of Olives
Right alongside Jerusalem, in a Russian Orthodox Convent in Mount of Olives, lives the 82 year-old Estonian nun Mother Ksenya. Although inside the convent’s cement walls the clock is never set and life still follows the Julius calendar, the
Darya Sidorova
Why Am I Here?
This is a film about people who we call strange. Rasul is the main character of this film and he is like that. Just recently a man with a camera has appeared in his life. Everything is overthrown. And one can barely distinguish who's unusual and s
Youlian Tabakov
Born in a wealthy family little Tzvetanka dreamed to become an actress, but life completely changed her destiny. “Tzvetanka” is the story of a woman who has outlived the three epochs in modern Bulgarian history: monarchy, communism and
Andrea Thiele
And Who Taught You To Drive?
Driving through traffic at home is already stressful enough. Mirela, moving from Germany to India, Jake moving from the USA to Japan and South Korean Hye-Won living in Germany are facing the same problem: they are all forced to obtain a new local