Bells Of Happiness

Slovakia, 2012г., 62 min


Jana Bučka, Marek Šulík

Pregnant Mariena and her cousin Roman live with their families in a poor Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia. They admire two Czecho-Slovak pop stars – Karel Gott and Dara Rolins. They like their life style and their songs. They decide to send them a DVD with the video-message and Roma remix of their hit “The Bells of Happiness” (“Zvonky šťastia”). The film traces the process of shooting this message on the background of their life in the settlement.

2012: Film Europe Award for Best Slovak Documentary – Cinematik IFF, Slovakia
Jana Bučka, Marek Šulík - 1

Jana Bučka, Marek Šulík

Born in 1981. Graduated at the DAMU in the subject of acting in Prague and at the VŠMU in Bratislave in the subject of documentary film. She attended studies as visiting student in Spain, Mexico and Romania.

Selected filmography

2010 Cigarettes And Songs (Cigarety a pesničky) (co-directed with Marek Šulík)

2011 “Camino”