Camp 14 - Total Control Zone

Germany, 2012г., 104 min


Marc Wiese

“Our sole purpose was to follow the rules of the work camp and then die. People on the outside call this place the ‘Total Control Zone.’ We knew nothing about the outside. All we knew was that our parents and our forefathers were guilty and that we had to work hard in order to make up for it. Sometimes new people entered the camp but I never saw anyone pardoned for their crime and allowed to leave. So none of us thought we would ever leave this place. Sometimes people tried to escape, driven by fear of starving or being beaten, but they were publicly executed and became the object of hate for those of us who were left behind.”

2013: Eurodok Award – Eurodok film festival (Oslo)
2013: Best political film – IFF Buharest (Romania)
2013: Student Choice – IFF “Movies that Matter” in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
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Marc Wiese

Mark Wiese shoots documentaries for TV and cinema for a worldwide market since more than 15 years. He has worked in war zones like Bosnia, Palestine, Belfast and many others. He has received numerous international awards for his films.

Selected filmography

2012 Camp 14 – Total Control Zone

2009-2010 The Picture of the Napalm Girl

2005 Warkids – Youth in Palestine

2004 Radovan Karadzic: Most Wanted?

2002 Escape into Death