Aleksey Rakovich
The History Of The Belarusian Cuisine. Meat Dishes
Belarusian national cuisine evolved over the centuries, and many of the old recipes have survived to the present day. Belarusian dishes are still popular. What did our ancestors eat? In Belarusian forests were many animals, whose meat were conside
Michail Zhdanouvski
Seventy-fifth Autumn Of Andrey Mdivani
The film is about an outstanding composer Andrey Mdivani. Honored Artist of Belarus, winner of two State Prizes of Belarus, Professor of the Belarusian State Academy of Music. Author of the well-known stage works, symphonies, oratorios, concertos
Gennady Ryabtsev
Vladimir Tsesler. Cheers!
He is an artist, residing in Minsk, known beyond the borders of his country. His works are kept in the best museums of poster in Switzerland, Japan, Finland, the USA, in the Russian museum of St. Petersburg, in Pushkin Museum in Moscow and even in
Igor Chischenya
Andrey Takindang. I Will Pause In The Meanwhile
Andrey Takindang, Belarusian poet, musician, TV-broadcaster, leader of the music band “Recha”. He is an open-minded, positive-thinking person, at first sight you would think that he is not familiar with doubts and misfortunes, but we s
Irina Markova
I hear
Adelya Kurian lived all her life in a farm in Grodno region. She worked, raised her son and in old age she appeared alone in a nursing home. Old woman almost cannot see and can hear very bad. She feels sad and the only things she dreams about are
Yury Timofeev
The Steps Over Water
National Premiere! The film is about disabled artists Anatoly Galushko. Severe spinal injury after the fatal jump from the shore into the river Shchara left him no hope of a life. But Anatoly survived and found the meaning of the existence:
Zoya Katovich
We exist!
Several years ago students of Minsk universities came to young patients of the National Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology and offered them to make cartoons together. Nowadays every Saturday the playing room becomes a small animation stu
Evgeny Setko
Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk. An Infinite
A poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk is a widely known, prominent and visible figure of modern Belarusian literature. He writes not only poetry, but also an excellent prose. For three years he has been travelling to Vilnius, which he considers the continu
Vyachaslau Makshun
The film is about the restoration of legendary Soviet tank T-34-76 built in 1943, the restoration was made by three specialists in the Belarusian province. The film reveals not only the technical aspects of the restoration process, but it’s