Man at War

Poland, 2012г., 75 min


Jacek Blawut

The camera is following the international community of Internet players who, using IL-2 Sturmovik – one of the most popular computer flight simulators, engage into air battles trying to change the course of history in the virtual world. Their passion smoothly turns into addiction and they become their own Avatars.

2012: 52nd Krakow Film Festival
Jacek Blawut - 1

Jacek Blawut

Born in 1950 in Poland, graduate of the National Film School in Lodz. As a director and a DOP he has made several dozens of documentaries, awarded at the festivals in Poland and abroad. He teaches at film schools in Berlin, Hanover, Lodz and Warsaw’s Wajda School. Member of the European Film Academy.

Selected filmography

2012 Man at War  (Wirtualna wojna)
2008 Before Twilight (Jeszcze nie wieczor)
2007 Extraordinary Flight of Boeing 737 (Niezwykly lot Boeinga 737)
2005 Rat in the Crown (Szczur w koronie)
1998 Pawel (Pawel)
1997 The Other House (Ein Anders Haus)