Илка Раутио
Wonder World of Ice
Group of Chinese ice sculptors arrive to the artificial scenery of the biggest ski resort, Levi, in Finland. Their job is to build an exotic experience park, Wonder World of Ice. Among with the sculptors comes Huang Shen, a young Chinese student,
Виталий Борткевич
The Priest
This film reveals the life of village priest Michael. Human jealousy and gossip, life without conveniences and diversity. Life with faith. Faith in God, in love of neighbor and the belief in himself.
Любовь Земцова
About Love: Ira
This is the story of a young woman Ira, who lives like all of us between love and dislike, with quarrels, routine, unrealized dreams and hope for the best. But first of all, this story is about love, love for difficult and crazy life, about love,
Дженни Тимонен
Anneli and Herman Levy are foster parents who go through their thoughts and emotions on a many-year-long journey living with a borrowed child. Challenges and expectations were great and strength was needed when a stranger’s child came to li
Вахтанг Джаджанидзе
From Monday to Monday
Story of a Lady, teaching in one of the schools of Tbilisi. Issues and challenges of her daily life in Georgian reality.
Егор Ганарацкий
Fragments оf Lives
The film is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Soviet withdrawal from the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The film tells the story of two veterans of the Afghan war. How the war affected their lives? What do they think about the Afghan war a
Мариа Бэк
Mother is God
«The film is built on Skype conversations between me (the director) and God (my psychotic mum), whose face we never see in the film. We talk about her worlds. We encounter her flower language, we meet the devil’s birds and we learn how
Лиза Виммер
Roots and Wings
“If you really want to fly, we will do it!” promises Oliver his daughter Eloisa during a phone call on her 18th birthday. But she desires more from her father than being her flying teacher. During the last 18 years, German extreme flye
Мари Льоккой
The Story of My Tribe
Three young adults sit down together. They are third generation immigrants from Karelia. They notice how little they know about their family history. Through conversation they try to catch what happened when 400 000 people were forced to leave hom
Бакар Черкезишвили
Larks & Owls
Film about old people who are living in a charity house named "Katharsis". They're struggling in this life, have social problems, some nostalgia about old times, feelings, fear of death, regrets and so on. These stories are evolving around main pr