Джо Брюстер, Мишель Стефенсон
American Promise
The film spans 13 years as Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson, middle-class African- American parents in Brooklyn, N.Y., turn their cameras on their son, Idris, and his best friend, Seun, who make their way through one of the most prestigious p
Файт Хельмер
Inhabitants of Bollersville get to test every new product before it hits the market. In fact, they are not only proud to be average, they do all they can to stay average! And if that means putting all the grandparents into an old people’s ho
Миколай Харемски
Tom, 12 years old, is an automotive passionate and spends all his free time in the garage. Under the watchful care of mechanic Raszyński, he discovers the secrets of building cars. One day Tom decides to find his unknown father and runs aw
Алессиа Скарсо
Italo Barocco
The film is based on a true story. One day, a good natured stray dog by the name of Italo, wanders into the small Sicilian town of Scicli. But Italo’s arrival causes a terrible uproar in the village, everyone there is fiercely opposed to hav
Матиас Луккези
Natural Sciences
There’s nothing to keep Lila at her boarding school high up in the cold and foggy mountains. This 12-year-old girl does not know who her father is but wants to find him. She sets out on a complicated quest for the truth.
Мартин Миэ-Ренар
The Contest — to the Stars and Back
Being a stranger doesn’t necessarily mean to be coming from the farthest away. Karl and his mother are about to learn this when they move from the west coast of Denmark to the ethnically, and religiously, mixed area of Norrebro in Copenhagen
Филипп Мюйль
The Nightingale
Zhigen, an old Chinese farmer, has lived alone in Beijing for over 20 years after moving to the city to allow his son Chongyi to attend university. He decides to make the long journey from Beijing to Yangshuo to honour the promise he made to his w
Сирус Хассанпур
The Pearl
Karim is a pearl hunter in one of the southern towns in Iran, but he can’t go on due to his heart disease. Following his doctor’s advice, he goes to a big city and finds out that there is no way but surgery. His son, a twelve-year-old
Наталья Галузо
Timur and the Squad
Ten­years­old Timur comes to the village of his grandfather Korney on summer vacation. Examining the neighborhood, he finds in the barn a book by Arkady Gaidar ”Timur and his team”. After reading the story, the boy decides to c
Эрик Омон
Wolfy the Incredible Secret
Loulou is a wolf. Tom is a rabbit. Loulou and Tom have been inseparable since they were little. Now in their teens, they live in the Land of Rabbits. But Loulou, who thought he was an orphan, learns that his mother is alive. The two friends set o