Ирина Кодюкова
The life of Frederic Chopin was short and lacked outward events though his inner life was full of thorough personal turmoil. His music seems to be divided in two parts: all of the pieces written by him in his youth are masterful, while his French
Игорь Волчек
A fellow named Antos’ lives in a deep countryside. His biggest dream is to make wings and fly into the sky, just as the legendary Icarus. In the humdrum life full of daily concerns about a big family he finds time and loses himself in his h
Ксения Марьянкова, Руслан Синкевич, Михаил Тумеля, Евгений Надточей, Наталья Костюченко, Мария Матусевич, Ирина Тарасова
Tale of Bygone Years-6
The sequel of the series of the small films telling the history and symbolism of the coats of arms of the old Belarusian towns. This one tells about coats of arms of Slutsk, Pinsk, Lida, Bobruisk, Lelchytsy, Gorodok.
Татьяна Кублицкая
The Song of o Lark
In the old times the Larks did not have their own song. One spring morning a small Lark decides to find the songs and sets on his quest.
Марина Карпова
The Little Penguin
The story about adventures of the little penguin that went for dinner to his grandma but ended up confusing the South Pole with the Northern Pole…
Ирина Тарасова
An Alseed at the Well
The young Count meets a strange old woman and helps her carry the load. Instead of gratitude the woman pulls him into the cycle of mysterious and dangerous occurrences. But do not blame the old woman. These events later will not be what it seems.
Андрей Токинданг, Денис Мижуй
The story takes place in Minsk, capital of the Republic of Belarus. The city is full of zombies. Music of "Recha" turns them into normal people, which symbolizes the power of influence of art on the society. In the final scene of the video musicia
Андрей Кудиненко
Hard Reboot
Виктор Красовский
The Guard
Guard with criminal past and hopeless present drank a large dose of sleeping pills at night to die. In the suicide note he tipped all of his former friends. But in the morning something happened that he could not imagine...
Катерина Нова
The life of an ambitious young writer changes forever after she meets Anna, a ballet dancer, who looses her vision due to the tragic accident but still continues to dance.