Арут Шатуян
Philosophers of the Road
Film is about numerous taxi drivers who tell about their and our lives, about the future. People who see everything through the car’s front window. Shot with a cell phone the film lets the viewer to become a passenger and listen to the troub
Николь Вегеле
A station in thick fog, tracks that disappear into the white mists and a figure, waiting. In between patches of mist a fox appears, looking for a scent in the wind. And then bluster, shimmer, silence. And more fog. Views of nature merge with brief
Эстер Хайду
Judgement in Hungary
The film is a pure observational documentary and yet it has all the с of great drama: compelling characters, twists, turns, and moments of horror and even comedy. By presenting the idiosyncrasies of the Hungarian legal system, it manages to captu
Дарья Хлесткина
The Last Limousine
Imagine that everything you have stood for and achieved in your work is now suddenly worthless. Faced with the relentless demise of the factory they work at, Mikhail, Andrey, Nina, Vladimir, Nadia and Luda - bosses, foremen, engineers and workers
Кристоф Ковач
Men with Balls
Imagine a remote Roma village in Hungary, where 98 percent of the population is unemployed. Drinking water and public lighting were introduced 15 years ago. Now they have a tennis court and a bio-gardening project, funded by EU and national source
Дмитрий Махомет
Межа Норвилишек
In 1939 Stalin decided to make a frontier between Belarus and Lithuania. For residents of the Lithuanian village Norvilishki and their Belarusian neighbors from Pyatskuny this border has always been symbolic, but in 2004 Lithuania joined the Europ
Тонислав Христов
Love & Engineering
In the film we follow Atanas, 34, a Bulgarian mathematician living in Finland, who is – on the basis of his own experiences – trying to structure a (pseudo)scientific formula of love and dating. Atanas keeps mentoring sessions for engi
Алина Рудницкая
A truck with medical workers and necessary blood transfusion equipment travels about Russian countryside making stops in various villages and industrial towns where huge lines of donors are waiting for them. People of various ages and social statu
Светослав Драганов
Life is Almost Wonderful
The Liliev brothers share a surname but don’t seem to have anything else in common, not even a father. They got it from their mother Lily, who is no longer alive. The eldest brother, Alexander, is a hairdresser who likes wearing makeup and t
Ян Матушинский
Deep Love
Janusz, a self-confident 60-year old, an incredibly active person and an accomplished diver, suffers a stroke which leaves him paralyzed. Rehabilitation and assistance of his partner Asia help him regain mobility and improve his functions. He is s