Беларусь, 1930г., min


Александра Хохлова

A peasant girl Sasha arrives from a village to a bustling town. She is in the last months of pregnancy. Completely lost in an unusual environment, Sasha ends up in the police where she finds support and understanding with one of the policemen. Soon she gives birth to a baby boy. At the same time it emerges that her husband is accused in assassination of a teacher, and one of the witnesses has sent the pregnant woman to town to escape. The suspense evolves as we understand that it was the witness who wanted to get rid of Sasha by all means…

The film is a straightforward illustration of humane and inhumane attitudes towards women. The idea was to show the new, emerging type of women. However, the implementation of it is ambiguous.

SASHA tells a story of regeneration of a woman from an illiterate peasant to a responsible new personality. Being one of the most important issues for the Soviet cinematography, it tends to combine criminal drama and a propaganda movie.

“During the filming process my biggest concern was to get people in the film act like real people, not actors. That is why when my leading actress was taken for a cleaner, and people asked me why do I take her everywhere with me, - that was when I was satisfied…” (Lev Kuleshov, Alexandra Khohklova, “50 Years in Cinema”).


Александра Хохлова