In а Big City

Беларусь, 1928г., min


Марк Донской, Михаил Авербах

A social psychological drama about the fates of two provincial friends — an inventor Sasha Butov and a poet Gerasim Oguzkin (Kostromin) who come to Moscow. The first starts working in construction while the latter is dragged to the bohemian life of the big city. Gerasim decides to drop in on his friend Sasha who has recently met Natasha, a technical school student. Natasha is fascinated by the young poet, and Gerasim tells her about the theory of free love and even decides to put it to practice, but suddenly comes in Sasha…

This is a debut of the famous Soviet director Mark Donskoi (with co-authors) where you can already see some specific features of his future style.

The two Moscows —the Moscow of restaurants and taverns and the Moscow of workers —are shown in the film where the romantic collision is reflected in a new way.

“We reverently idolized the form. We tried to film and filmed in the most flowery manner. We thought of ourselves as if not of geniuses then at least as of extraordinary artists…” (Mark Donskoi, “On Myself and My Vocation”).


Марк Донской, Михаил Авербах