Eva Nova

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, 2015г., 106 min


Marko Škop

Eva Nová was one of the well-known actors of communist cinematography. Many years ago she abandoned her son for her career. Now she is coming out of rehab determined to rectify something for which she has lacked the courage for years. Supposedly everyone deserves a second chance. The question is whether it isn’t too late.

2015 Toronto IFF – The International Critics’ Award FIPRESCI in the category “Discovery”
Marko Škop - 1

Marko Škop

Graduate of Academy of Performing Arts VŠMU in Bratislava (Slovakia). Director of full-length documentary films OTHER WORLDS (2006) and OSADNE (2009), both awarded at Karlovy Vary IFF. He produced documentary film BLIND LOVES (2009) by Juraj Lehotsky, which won CICAE Award in the frame of the Quinzaine des Realisateurs in Cannes. EVA NOVÁ is his fiction feature debut.