Stuart McDonald
Opening Film: Oddball
Out of Competition With persistent fox attacks threatening to close down the main tourist attraction of a small town in southern Australia – an island of Fairy Penguins – an eccentric chicken farmer teams up wit
Alexander Karpilovsky
I Give You My Word 2
It's Russia, 1979. Friends Dima, Mishka and Lena are going to a pioneer camp at the sea. They're taking their beloved dog Sava with them as well. Many exciting adventures await them at camp: a treasure in a cave, battle and much more. And, of cour
Alexander Anisimov
Improbable Time Travel
A pupil Vanya Fyodorov runs away from the school, to make use of the absence of his parents to test a universal computer program for school homework that he invented. But because of failure in Vanya’s program instead of the expected paper he
Rolf van Eijk
T.I.M. The Incredible Machine
Eleven-year-old Tibor has only one friend: his out-dated house robot T.I.M. When his father replaces the faulty robot, Tibor manages to save T.I.M. from destruction. Together they set out for the mythical robot maker Hector Sammler, the only perso
André Erkau
Winnetou’s Son
The blond, pale and somewhat pudgy Max is an Indian since his father hung an eagle feather around his neck right after birth. But now his parents split up and his dad has forgotten what it means to be an Indian. Max however is confident about brin
Gabriele Salvatores
The Invisible Boy
Michele is 13 and lives in a quiet seaside town. Nobody would say he was popular at school nor is he a brilliant student nor is he very good at sports. But deep down, he does not care. Michele would settle for catching the attention of Stella, the
Margus Paju
Secret Society of Souptown
This is a story of a 10-year-old smart and brave girl Mari who lives in Tartu. Her parents are obsessed with work so she spends most of her time with her grandfather Peeter, the professor at a local university. Mari has 3 best friends and together
Brian Perkins
Golden Kingdom
With their monastery nestled in the luscious jungle mountains of Myanmar, life cycles peacefully for four young Buddhist monks. One day the head abbot, Sayadaw, learns he must depart on a journey through the mountain pass – a journey that ma
Nino Jacusso
shana: the wolf’s music
Shana, a talented violinist, lives with her father in a First Nations village in Canada. Two years ago, her mother went into the forest and never returned. Shana’s teacher has discovered her great talent and registers her at the music school
Carsten Rudolf
Closing film: Christmas Family
Out of CompetitionA seven-year-old Hugo Christmas gets the surprise of his life when he discovers a magical elf named Pixy hiding in his house. Pixy, who can only return to his world next Christmas, hopes to find shelt