I Give You My Word 2

Russia, 2015г., 103 min


Alexander Karpilovsky

It's Russia, 1979. Friends Dima, Mishka and Lena are going to a pioneer camp at the sea. They're taking their beloved dog Sava with them as well. Many exciting adventures await them at camp: a treasure in a cave, battle and much more. And, of course, first love! Both boys are in love with Lena, but she only has eyes for the young scout leader. This deft and funny retro film is the sequel to the successful first film, which won the Best Children’s Film award at Minsk IFF “Listapadzik” in 2012.

2015. International Film Festival for Children and Youth Dream Fest Cinema (Romania) - The Best Acting Award (Anfisa Vistinghausen), Special Award of the Jury
2015. International Film Festival "Golden Vityaz" (Sevastopol, Russia) - Best films for children 2015 XXIII International Children's Film Festival "Scarlet Sails" in "Artek" (Crimea, Russia) - The most fascinating film, The best girl-actress Anfisa Wistinghausen, The best boy-actor Simon Treskunov, diploma director Alexander Karpilovsky For setting an exciting children's adventure film
2015 X International Film Festival "In the family" (Kaliningrad, Russia) - prizes in the children's competition of the festival: " The Best Film", "Audience Award"
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Alexander Karpilovsky

Alexandr Karpilovsky (1964) is a Russian screenwriter, director and actor. He studied medicine at the Russian State University and has worked as a traumatologist. He later he graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) and in courses in film writing and directing. His directorial work includes feature films, TV movies and TV series.