Aleksandra Maciuszek
Casa Blanca
Casa Blanca is a small fishing village on the Gulf of Havana. Nelsa (76) and her son Vladimir (37), who has Down syndrome, share a tiny room in an overcrowded multifamily building. Vladimir is the only caretaker for ailing Nelsa, and Nelsa is the
Sergei Loznitsa
The event
In August 1991 a failed coup d’é tat attempt (known as Putsch) led by a group of hard-core communists in Moscow, ended the 70-yearlong rule of the Soviets. The USSR collapsed soon after, and the tricolour of the sovereign Russian Fede
Alexander Nanau
Toto and his sisters
Alexander Nanau brings us the astonishing family story of Toto (10), and his sisters, Ana (17) and Andrea (15). During their mother’s imprisonment, Toto passionately learns dancing, reading and writing, while his sisters try to keep the fami
Jean-Gabriel Pèriot
A German Youth
“A German Youth” chronicles the political radicalization of some German youth in the late 1960s that gave birth to the Red Army Faction (RAF), a German revolutionary terrorist group founded notably by Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof,
Giedrė Žickytė
Master and Tatyana
Some called him a madman, others – a genius. Because he kept a live lion in his apartment. Because he was the first to go beyond Lithuanian borders and document the spontaneous reality of Soviet Republics. He worked a lot and drank a lot. He
Vladimir Tomić
Flotel Europe
In 1992 a wave of refugees from the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina reached Denmark. With existing refugee camps completely full, the Red Cross pulled a giant ship into the canals of Copenhagen. The ship, Flotel Europa, became a temporary home for a
Karolina Bielawska
Call me Marianna
Marianna has made a dramatic choice between life in harmony with her identity and staying with her family. Preparing for gender reassignment, she had to leave her home and, following the Polish law, sue her parents in court. On the threshold of a
Zhou Hao
The Chinese Mayor
Once the thriving capital of Imperial China, the city of Datong now lies in ruins. Not only is it the most polluted city in the country, it is also crippled by decrepit infrastructure and even shakier economic prospects. But Mayor Geng Yanbo plans
Denis Klebleev
Strange Particles
The young quantum physicist Konstantin teaches at university and during summer vacation he goes to a university’s sea campus. Every day he teaches for a group of students, and at night he keeps order in he dormitory. Students prefer summer,
Ostap Kostyuk
The Living Fire
A four-year-long project documenting Ukrainian Carpathian shepherds in the contemporary world. Ivan is an 82-year-old shepherd who lives a lonely life, having recently buried his wife. At the same time, ten-year-old Ivanko is just beginning his li