Aleksandra Butor
Vera’s Sweet Farewell
Beautiful ageing Vera spent her life waiting for the only man she loved, the captain of the line aircraft, which never hesitated to leave his family for her. Now she remains without job, relatives, friends, but with painful memories. In fear of a
Ivan Maslyukov
Dmitry has been a frequent guest in a slot-machine parlor for several years already. He believes that fortune makes the world go round. Having sacrificed a lot of money to the slots, he believes that now he is entitled to a big win. That’s h
Andrei Kureichik
A Young Belarusian man moved to the USA, where he worked at a cool car service centre. He decided to stay there and destroyed his passport to ensure against deportation, which didn’t help. Having embraced American dream and western psycholog
Nikita Lavretsky
Belarusian Psycho
A young and talented photographer and videomaker decides to lose his virginity as a birthday present to himself. As some twisted logic suggests, he invites a girl, whom he barely knows, and two of her friends. It takes some time for the girls to r
Art Collective “Chronotope”
Seven episodes of the multimedia project “Chronotope” focus on Belarusian existential border lands. “Chronotope” is a network project that concentrates on mythology of a modern person and rituals and ceremonies of our time.
Andrey Leskin
Marta will Never Know
The film tells the story of life and death. It is about the fate of the people, who crossed paths on a day during the war. It’s about the people who had to face the agony of making a choice. Some of them swore allegiance to fascism, one man
Andrei Kashpersky
A family is celebrating little Maksim’s birthday. An unwelcome guest shows up at the party. Everyone tries to see him off, before something happens. The stranger meets Maksim and gifts him a cactus. The boy will remember this encounter throu
Mitry Semenov-Aleinikov
The Same Blood
A story about two blood brothers, whose different views of life forced them to contend for their truth.
Igor Vasilyev
Widow and mother of two children finds out that her children want to join partisans. In despair she asks for help her brother-in-law, a policeman recruited by Nazi.
Sergey Kolosovski
Belarus in 90s. Extremely cocky boy, who goes by the name Chinese, makes a bet with a group of teenagers, though his best friend Flute warned him against it. Seeking victory, the pals forget about precautions. Now they have to make a choice that w

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