Aino Salmi
No ticket, no perfume
The film is documenting two Finnish guys, who could be called hippies or anarchists. Some might call them bums. A young director decides to go along with them and will soon find herself in Spain. They dive into free and careless lifestyle and find
Eeva Mägi
Simply a man
“Simply a man” is a documentary film about Arkaadi Sai who lives in a former kolkhoz village which is now dying out. Arkaadi lives in a complete solitude and nothing is actually happening in his life. One day a filmmaker comes to Arkaa
Nora Särak
To light
“To light” is poetic documentary film that portrays a relationship between the mother and the son who live alone in Pecora without any friends and neighbours, still looking for the light and not giving up in their own strange way.
Ekaterina Kriuk
“Desertifi cation” attempts to show everyday life of elderly people who used to live to the fullest. The characters embody villages’ depopulation problem. They were born in the village, here they grew up and matured. When people
Alesia Kamiakova
Monologue in silence
Documentary film portrays a cheerful artist who sees life in a different light.
Sergey Garaevskij
The dreams
Melancholy and solitude saturate an old man’s life. He has no one to talk to but his best friend, big red dog. Still Nikolai doesn’t hang down his head. Every day he comes up with activities to distract his mind from the loneliness and
Polina Polonejchik
Why does not the hay burn in Paris?
For 30 years Ekaterina Antonovna has been living alone in a small house on the outskirts of an urban village. Her daughter and grown-up grandson visit her once or twice a month. One day her daughter stops by to tell a story about her latest trip t
Anzor Dokhov
The story of a woman who has been living in the abandoned cinema-theatre “Pobeda” for the last 15 years.
Kantemir Balagov
One day of a good person’s life.
Juliana Gómez Castañeda
Juan Rafael Clavel is an old man who lives alone in the mountains. He lives in an old house where memory of his mother lingers, and animals keep him company. The story captures the loneliness and isolation of a blind man who is trying to survive d