Rüdiger Suchsland
From Caligari to Hitler: German Cinema in the Age of the Masses
The film tells the story of German Cinema in the Twenties between Expressionism and New Sobriety. This was the most important period of German Cinema, a time full of wonders and invention. The aesthetic foundations were laid for the «seventh
Christian Braad Thomsen
Fassbinder – to Love without Demands
In 14 years he directed and wrote 60 films for cinema and tv, directed 30 theatre plays. He started as an avantgarde-director and in the end reached a large audience all over the world without ever compromising. Danish film director Christian Braa
Tatiana Brandrup
Cinema: A Public Affair
Naum Kleiman, one of Russia’s most significant intellectuals alive today, sees cinema as a way towards a better society. A documentary collage combines excerpts from film classics and interviews with a portrait of contemporary Moscow.
Leena Kilpeläinen
The Voice of Sokurov
Alexander Sokurov is one of today’s most interesting film directors. In 30 years he produced 17 fiction and 30 documentary films. With his distinctive, unhurried cinematic, he has crafted a unique film aesthetic and a singular philosophy of
Arkady Kogan
This film is not about Yankovsky in the conventional sense. It is not a biography of the great Russian actor and not a review of his roles. And it is not also about scandal facts from his personal life. This film is about love to Yankovsky. The ma
Walter Salles
Jia Zhang-ke: A Guy From Fenyang
The film is the portrait of a young Chinese director, who has become one of the most important filmmakers of our time. The documentary, directed by Walter Salles, dwells on the question of memory and cinema, as it follows Jia Zhang-ke to his birth
Jorge Pelicano
Suddenly My Thoughts Halt
A cup of coffee, a cigarette. A coin, another cup of coffee. Patients roam the halls. They walk alone. Waiting. Another smoke, a burning cigarette. Therapies that appeal to the senses. Routines that pull them back to reality. It’s life repea
Denis Zaytsev
Wedding Pas de Deux
Denis and Ekaterina are going to get married. They still have a lot to understand. Which finger is the wedding ring worn on? What clauses will the marriage contract contain? They also have to realize that they cannot become spouses without parenta
Monika Pawluczuk
End of the World
“The End of the World” is an intimate, creative and very immensely visual documentary where couple of stories weave into one narrative during in one night. In a big city, many people are joined in one need, troubled by loneliness, they
Aneta Kopacz
Diagnosed with untreatable illness, Joanna promises her son that she will do her best to live for as long as possible. She writes down everything she might want him to learn from her when he grows up. With great visual poetry, the documentary port

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