A Kiss from Mary Pickford

USSR, 1927г., 56 min


Sergey Komarov

Goga Palkin is a theatre checktaker in love with an beginner actress named Dusya. She has a crush on Douglas Fairbanks and only wants to date someone famous like a Hollywood star. After a chance meeting and a kiss from Mary Pickford, Goga becomes a local celebrity, and a lot of girls chase him through the streets. The popularity of her admirer makes Dusya jealous, and she falls for him.

Sergey Komarov - 1

Sergey Komarov

Sergey Komarov (02.03.1891 - 12.23.1957) started his career as one of the leading actors of Lev Kuleshov’s experimental workshop. As an actor took part in early masterpieces of Soviet cinema. Directed two comedies: A KISS FROM MARY PICKFORD (1927) and DOLL WITH MILLIONS (1928). Taught acting skills in VGIK.