Atanas Hristoskov
Just Like the Movies
The thrilling movie Sundays with mom and dad... The first kiss in the dark hall... The fierce fights for the precious Star Wars tickets... The film depicts the old movie theatres in Sofia through the em
Tomáš Bojar,  Rozálie Kohoutová
FC Roma
Last year an unusual football club started playing in minor Czech football league – TJ Junior Roma is composed mainly of Romani players. Though every football fan knows the UEFA campaign Say No R
Andreas Voigt
Time Will Tell
The film returns to some of the protagonists from the author’s earlier films of the “Leipzig Series”. During the political upheaval in late­-1989/early­-1990, Isabel, Jenny and Sven were te
Ruslan Fedotow,  Alexandra Kulak
In  Salamanca  time  stopped  two  hundred  years  ago,  when  the  first Mennonites  came  to  Mexico  in search  of  their  
Linas Mikuta
Dead Ears
Two men, an aged farmer and his deaf ­ mute son, live in a remote area, solated  from  civilization.  Though sharing  the  same  roof,  problems, and sorrows they remain
Sergei Loznitsa
There are places in Europe that have remained as painful memories of the past – factories where humans were turned into ash. These places are now memorial sites that are open to the public and re
Žiga Virc
Houston We Have No Problem
The cold war, the space race, and NASA’s moon landing are landmark  events that defined an era. But they are also fodder for conspiracy theories. In HOUSTON, WE HAVE  A PROBLEM! filmmaker Žiga Virc adds
Anna Zamecka
When adults are ineffectual, children have to grow up quickly. Ola is 14 and she takes care of her dysfunctional father, autistic brother and a mother who lives apart from them and is mainly heard
Carlos Mignon,  Itziar Leemans
Lenin Park
Four years ago, Antoin, Yesuán and Karla lost their mother. Nowadays, Yesuán overcomes his mourning through the illusion that Antoin, his oldest brother, will come back to Cuba. Antoin lives in France wh
Salome Machaidze,  Tamuna Karumidze,  David Meskhi
When the Earth Seems to Be Light
This  is  a  story  of  youngsters:  skaters  and  musicians,  being  lost in a controversial reality of a post soviet country – a country in a distra