Zosya Rodkevich
My Friend Boris Nemtsov
An  intimate  portrait  of  Russian  opposition  leader  Boris  Nemtsov  — once  Deputy  Prime  Minister  and “the  heir  of  Presiden
Roman Bondarchuk
Ukrainian Sheriffs
Like a bird, the Ukrainian flag flies along perched on the car of two affable «sheriffs» deputized by the mayor of a village in southern Ukraine. There’s  a sly bum whose gift is not to work. There’s a guy who
Cast Evgeny Pavlyuschik, Allushka Matvievskaya, Dmitry Andrushin, Sudhir Kasliwal, Michael Krasinec, Eldar Ryazanov, Viktor Chernomyrdin
My Home
The film is about a folk artisan, who lives in a city, but every day he visits the village, where he was born. There he finds inspiration.
Cast Aleksey Svirsky, Tamara Granatkina, Vladimir Nikitin, Tatyana Zhigalova, Andrey Svirsky, Ulyana Budik, Nikolai Kuzhelevich, Evgeniya Pyatkevich
Three Belarusian students have to work in an assigned job for two years after graduation. They work in small towns and villages of Belarus in conditions far from usual and comfortable, away from their friends and family. How can one pass
The Songs Of Old Europe – Ancient Belarusian Folk Songs
An intimate, rare look into a very different world that has been isolated for centuries, the world of Belarusian folks songs, which were kept alive for thousands of years and are still performed today by Belarusian villagers, but vanish rapid
Nikita Lavretsky
A Few Scenes With My Girlfriend Olechka Kavaliova
Cast Olga Kavaliova, Nikita Lavretsky
Belarusian songs: tradition of distance
Graduated from Minsk State Art College and Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Have been engaged in video shooting and directing music videos, commercials, documentaries and feature films for more than 10 years. Participant and awardee of film festival
What A Bear Dreams About
This funny and moving story is about people who tried to wake the bear sleeping in his lair. The bear stole the Sun from the sky, delaying the approach of spring. The film introduces ancient Belarusian traditions and ceremonies to childr