End of Summer

China, 2017, 102 min.


Quan Zhou




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Xiaoyang, a fifth grader who needs an ally in rebelling against his controlling father finds a perfect match, his neighbor Grandpa Zheng. The two bond over the World Cup fever sweeping China in June 1998 and Grandpa Zheng starts to secretly train Xiaoyang for the school soccer team tryout. The mission takes an unexpected turn when Xiaoyang discovers his father’s romance with his homeroom teacher. At the same time, Grandpa Zheng suffers from the imminent request of reuniting with his own family in a faraway city. Xiaoyang decides to run away with Grandpa Zheng in the hope of staying with his best friend forever.


Zhang Songwen, Tan Zhuo, Ku PaoMing, Rong Zishan

2017 Busan IFF (South Korea) – New Currents Section
Quan Zhou - 1

Quan Zhou

Born and raised in Shaoxing, China. Graduated from Australia’s RMIT University with a Bachelor of Communication (Media) and the American Film Institute with a Master of Fine Arts in Directing. He is also a directing alumnus of Berlinale Talents and Taipei Golden Horse Film Academy. His feature debut END OF SUMMER (2017) won HAF Award at the 13th Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum in 2015.

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2017 End of Summer