Out of competition: Shiverstone Castle

Germany, 2017, 93 min.


Ralf Huettner




Beta Cinema


Armin Dierolf


Roxy Film, Violet Pictures

As if Stephan’s parents’ constant quarrels weren’t enough, his mother now reveals that he is going to boarding school to improve his grades. But the boys at Shiverstone Castle turn out to be a far cry from teacher’s pets. After initial hesitation, Stephan is admitted into a secret brotherhood, and that’s when the fun begins, since the boys are at war with the girls from the nearby Rosenfels boarding school. While the girls are plotting revenge against the “Shiveries,” the boys are  planning their next prank. What they don’t know yet is that they’ll all  have to be together at the castle celebration, of all times. A disaster… or maybe not?


Maurizio Magno, Henning Baum, Sophie Rois, Harald Schmidt, Alexander Beyer, Jana Pallaske

Ralf Huettner - 1

Ralf Huettner

Born in Munich in 1954. Studied at the University of Television and Film (1981-1985). CRIPPLES GO CHRISTMAS (1987), his film debut, won a European Film Award. His feature VINCENT WANTS TO SEA (2010) was highly successful with audiences and won many awards, including the Audience Prize at the Bavarian Film Awards in 2010 and Golden Lola for Best Film at the German Film Awards. For his work, he was awarded the first-ever Metropolis Prize from the German Federal Association of Directors in 2011.

Selected filmography

2017 Shiverstone Castle

2014 Vincent Wants to Sea