Alexander Komisarchuk
The film is about one of the most original Belarusian painters. Mai Dantsig, a representative of realistic school, holds true to the ideals of old art.
Ilia Ichman
Heart and Hammers
The film gives a possibility to observe a painful creative process of a gifted, versatile painter and an extraordinary man, Boris Dubrov, who describes his inner world and thoughts on life through his new oil painti
Anna Lysun
12 years ago Yurko moved from USA to the small village Kryachkovka in Poltava region to revive the kobza tradition in Ukraine: he not only plays but also makes instruments with his students. Together with his wife a
Yulia Kochetova-Nabozhniak
See You Later
SEE YOU LATER is a mantra, a declaration of love, and a testament to all those who are waiting and who, in the end, could not meet the ones they were waiting for. Commanders fill in a form for «planned casualties»
Irina Buzina
Music Lessons
Sasha is 10 years old, she lives with her mother and her elder brother in Moscow. She does not go to school because she earns a living for the whole family playing the violin on the streets. The truth is, she doesn
Anna Bedyńska
In Another World
A forty-year-old Kasia has two teenage kids, is happily married and loved. She is  a middle-class woman with a high education and a managerial position at work. One day her peaceful and perfect life is des
Klavdia Antonenko
To Fly…
On July 9th in 2006 a huge plane crash happened in Irkutsk. 125 people died, among the surviving was Tatyana, the air hostess. Having spent a year on hospital beds she hasn’t heard any good forecasts from the doct
Anastasia Osipova
At The Edge of The World
Not far from Dalnye Zelentsy lies a string of natural reserve islands, where a huge amount of different birds nesting during a short Northern summer. People are prohibited from visiting the islands in order not to d
Daria Blokhina
The Lake
The Filippov family live in the North far away from the civilisation. The filmmaker Daria Blokhina shows how nature, work and creativity can save a man from the mental death, how they give them the strength to
Piotr Januszkiewicz
15 years, 4 months and 25 days. That’s how long Michal waited for his younger brother Piotr. At the end of his 36th year he gets a driver’s licence. 4 years later he crashes his beloved BMW, coming home from the