Arūnas Matelis
Wonderful Losers: A Different World
For most of us, those cyclists running at the back of the race are simply the losers. They are called water carriers, domestics, gregarious, who sacrifice their careers and personal victories, so their teammates can win the race. Arunas Matelis foll
Yulia Bobkova
The Last Waltz
This film is about Oleg Karavaichuk, eccentric musical genius and famous St. Petersburg composer, who takes his final stroll through Komarovo, a bay-side summer community just outside St. Petersburg where he spent his whole life and wrote most of h
Elwira Niewiera,  Piotr Rosołowski
The Prince and The Dybbuk
Who was Moshe Waks really? A golden boy of cinema, cunning fraud or a man who constantly confused the illusion of film with reality? The son of a poor Jewish blacksmith, he died in Italy as Prince Michał Waszy ński, Hollywood producer and exiled P
Miroslav Janek
Normal Autistic Film
What it means to be autistic? And what do autistic people, the Little Prince and aliens have in common? The five child and adolescent protagonists in the film live with a label that separates them from others. But who is to say what is normal and
Helena Třeštíková
A Marriage Story
In 35 years of marriage, a lot of things happen: from the moments of an absolute harmony to the dramatic falls. For the most of the time, the couple cares for common daily life issues and joys that come together with raising the children, running
Tonislav Hristov
The Good Postman
A small and stubborn Bulgarian village facing the Turkish border has been resisting foreign invaders since the times of the Roman and Ottoman Empires. Now its electorate of 38 elderly Bulgarians is deciding the future of Europe. Postman Ivan has a ne
Elí Roland Sachs
Brother Jakob
In this very intimate portrait the director Elí Roland Sachs attempts to understand the behavior of his brother who, having read the Koran a few years earlier, decided to convert to Islam and entirely change his life. Jacob cut himself off from his
Rati Oneli
City of The Sun
Chiatura is a city in Western Georgia. There was a time when it was responsible for supplying 50% of the world’s manganese. Today, with drastically reduced manganese production, dangerous working conditions and little prospect for any improve
Bojana Burnać
My Life Without Air
Goran is the world champion in free diving – a man whose most important moments in life take place underwater and whose willpower goes beyond his humanity, in order to seemingly find a place for himself in eternity. His journey is paved with silenc
Olga Dashuk
Sergei Plytkevich. Man With A Photo Camera
This is a film about the unique Belarusian nature. One of the possible ways to present its beauty is through a someone who feels truly inseparable from it. To accept his perception for a while, to look at «wild Belarus» through his eyes, to appro