Normal Autistic Film

Czech Republic, 2016, 88 min.


Miroslav Janek




Taskovski Films Ltd.


Miroslav Janek


Mimesis Film, Czech Television, Mat Film Resort

What it means to be autistic? And what do autistic people, the Little Prince and aliens have in common? The five child and adolescent protagonists in the film live with a label that separates them from others. But who is to say what is normal and what is not? A foremost Czech documentarist with a unique authorial vision challenges us once and for all to stop perceiving autism as a medical diagnosis and try to understand it as a fascinating way of thinking that’s often maddeningly difficult to decipher.

2016 Jihlava IDFF (Czech Republic) – Best Czech Documentary; Students Jury Award
Czech Film Critic’s Award – Best Documentary
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Miroslav Janek

Born in 1954 in Náchod, Czech Republic. Began as an amateur filmmaker. In 1980, he emigrated to USA where he worked with a number of renowned documentarists (e.g. Godfrey Reggio). Since returning to the Czech Republic in 1993, he has devoted himself to his own documentaries as a cameraman and director. His film about blind children with a camera, THE UNSEEN (1996) has won the most accolades, both at home and abroad. In recent times, his documentary films VIERKA (2005) and KHA-CHEE-PAE (2006) have won
prizes at several festivals.

Selected filmography

2016 Normal Autistic Film