Rodion Ismailov
Third-Class Travel
A documentary film which recounts the lives of passengers travelling on  the  longest railway route in the world. The director tells the stories and  fortunes of ordinary Russians met by chance on the
Kirill Sakharnov,  Ksenia Sakharnova
Natalia Gorbanevskaya: “I Am Not A Hero”
On August 25, 1968 the poet Natalia Gorbanevskaya’s actions changed her life: carrying her three-month-old son, she, with seven like-minded people, protested against the Soviet-led intervention of Czechoslovakia a
Maria Murashova
Gatherers of Sea Grass
Once village Rebolda on the edge of the Big Solovetsky island was inhabited. Now it comes back to life only once a year, in the summer, when brigade of seasonal workers comes here to gather sea weed for the Archang
Lidia Sheinin
Cast Lidia Sheinin
Andres Veiel
Beuys, the man with a hat, some felt, and the Fettecke. Thirty years after his death he still seems to be a visionary, way ahead of his time. Back then he was trying to patently explain how “money shouldn´t be a
Andrei Zagdansky
Vagrich and The Black Square
The film is a collage, an essay and a documentary in tribute to an avant-garde artist and writer Vagrich Bakhchanyan. Viewers are immersed in the absurd and  bitterly funny universe of the artist, as scholars a
Eugene Shapchits ,  Sergei Budkin
“Narodny Albom”. The Unexpected Masterpiece
This friendly project – done without a budget, organized work, planning and  management – was the most important musical project in the modern history of Belarus. We go back to the time when the project was
Mikhail Zhdanovsky
Maestro Anisimov
The film is dedicated to Alexander Anisimov, a world-known musician, People’s Artist of Belarus, Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of Belarus, chief conductor and artistic director of the State
Lucija Stojevic
La Chana
In the 1960s and 1970s, Antonia Santiago Amador, alias “La Chana”, was a hugely popular flamenco dancer – until she suddenly vanished from the  public eye, at  the  height of her caree
Rodrigo H. Vila
Tango in Paris. Memories of Astor Piazzolla
Cast Astor Piazzolla, José Pons, Jacqueline Pons, Horacio Ferrer, Jairo, Amelita Baltar, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Mercedes Sosa