The zhengs (Out of competition)

Hungary, 2017, 32’


Yimeng Zhang


Yimeng Zhang


Yimeng Zhang


The Mobile Film School "DocNomads"

Zheng Honghai has been living in Hungary for over 27 years. He is married to a Hungarian woman and has three kids. “You can not rely on her at all”, he says talking about the way of educating their children. “She just sets them free from all classes when I am not at home. She says kids should only play. How funny!” Honghai firmly believes in traditional Chinese way of education which is strict, intensive and serious. His boys are learning to play the piano and the violin, they are swimming, singing, playing chess, drawing, learning calligraphy, practicing kung fu at the same time. The father is sure: what he is doing is for the kids’ good.

2018 Docudays UA IFF (Ukraine)
Golden Tree IDF (Germany)
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Yimeng Zhang

Graduated from the Communication University of China in 2014 with an MA in International Journalism. In 2014 – 2016 she worked as a journalist at the People’s Daily. In 2016 she was enrolled by DocNomads, the documentary directing master’s programme under the Erasmus Mundus.