A roof in common

Portugal, Taiwan, Hungary, 2017, 17 min.


Fan Wu


Fan Wu


Nevena Desivojević


The Mobile Film School "DocNomads"

In an empty village where death and loneliness seem to be looming over, old neighbours Inacio and Francisca resist the melancholy by accompanying each other. They share the same roof after they both lost their life partners. Now a new challenge of sharing life and affection with one another has just begun. It is a love poem of developing an intimate relationship in the last season of life in a desolate place.

2018 Women Make Waves IFF (Taiwan) – Official selection in Taiwanese Competition
Fan Wu - 1

Fan Wu

Born in 1991, an independent documentary filmmaker and producer from Taiwan. Received her MA in documentary directing from "DocNomads" (Portugal, Hungary, Belgium) and BA in Sociology from National Taiwan University. UNDER THE STARS, her first co-writing debut, was recently shortlisted in "Docs by the Sea". Her own directorial work A ROOF IN COMMON was selected by Women Make Waves IFF (Taiwan).