Hotel Fremon

China, Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, 2017, 11 min.


Aragon Yao


Aragon Yao


Aragon Yao


The Mobile Film School "DocNomads"

What is the feeling of being nowhere without a root? Four Ukrainian men work at the biggest factory of Central Europe, in a small Hungarian town. They don’t feel at home there, however, they have to work hard to support their families. They share a small dormitory in a one-star hotel, go to work and come back together every day. Drinking and watching TV after a long working day have become their only hobbies. With different workers coming from all over central Europe, the one-star gradually becomes their small shelter. When will they finally finish their project? What is their next destination?

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Aragon Yao

Chinese filmmaker. Holds a BA in Film & TV Art and Technology from Shanghai Film Academy, and a MA in Documentary Film Directing from the Erasmus Mundus Program DocNomads. Started his career in film and advertising industry in 2012, worked in different commercial projects as well as award-winning indie films as director, cinematographer, editor and colorist. Focuses on human topics.