Alena Buyakova
A day from the life of Ales' and Alesya
It is a story of a couple living in an isolated homestead. The place is cut off from the rest of the world, but the life here is in full swing, the material and the spiritual collide. What do these people, repr
Claudia Negro García
Concert in F
After leaving his job as a recorder teacher at the conservatory, Fernando Paz leaves for a remote village in northern Portugal, where he begins his career as a flute maker. The director says: "It's been six years s
Jaime Baselga Agustí
The inner house
Fatherless Diego accepts this role to be filmed by his son, embarking on a series of interviews in order to go back in time and solve the generational problem, what is the interior house?
Daria Kashcheeva
Prague. A foreigners’ perspective
How do foreigners feel in Prague and in Czechia? Sometimes they feel desperate, sometimes they hope for the best... An animated documentary PRAGUE. A FOREIGNERS’ PERSPECTIVE is a sincere confession of foreigners fro
Marie-Magdalena Kochová
Will the world remember your name?
This film is a reflection on narcissism in our society. On our self-love, our need of self-recording, self-validation and desire for immortal legacy. As the advertisement says: will the world remember your name?
Lukáš Janičík
The film is an abstract portrait of Ústí nad Labem region in the north of the Czech Republic with a thematic focus on the clash between the industrial and natural landscape. With the expressive tools of experimental
Jindřich Andrš
The Last Shift of Tomáš Hisem
"I hope that all is okay and that you’ll get something out of this," proclaims miner Tomáš Hisem at the start of his shift at Ostrava’s Paskov Mine, which he decided to document. Although we don’t see his face
Adéla Komrzý
An Absence of Reciprocity in Vulnerability, Losses and Risks
A documentary study of the eye. A compilation of images from various sources helps to reveal its new functions. It is a tool of instilling fear, a soldier uses it to find his target, and looking into the eye of your
Inna Tsgoeva
I'm Victor
Victor is alone here. He looks back at his life in order to figure out why he is here. Silence interrupted by the lonely voice of a man pronouncing his own name.
This experimental film is a picture of Yerevan real life on the screen. The city and its diversity, different people living here are the focal point of this work. Every moment of the life is adapted to different moo