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Czech Republic, 2018, 73 min.


Tomáš Bojar




Cinema Arsenal s.r.o.


Jiří Chod


Cinema Arsenal

Tonight the Czech president is to announce to a group of his supporters gathered at the Prague Castle whether he is going to run for the office again. Journalists are not allowed to attend the event, but they want to get the information right away. The newsrooms in the Czech Television and Hospodářské noviny daily have been closely monitoring one and the same event since early this morning putting together their "breaking news". However, the way they do it is not quite the same. We get a very fresh and authentic inside look into the practices of journalists working for traditional media in the hectic times of information overload.

2018 Karlovy Vary IFF (Czech Republic) – Documentary Competition
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Tomáš Bojar

Has a PhD degree in politics, law and moral philosophy from the Charles University in Prague. Since 2003 has been active in the film industry as a script-writer, producer and director. He worked on multiple film projects in a creative duo with Pavel Abrahám. Together with Rozálie Kohoutová he directed a feature-length documentary FC ROMA (2016). Together with Zuzana Špidlová completed a documentary series THE MAGNIFICENT FIVE, which will be screened by the Czech Television. Runs a small-scale production company Cinema Arsenal.