A line into infinity

Latvia, 2018, 75 min.


Roberts Rubīns




Juris Podnieks Studio


Uldis Jancis


Juris Podnieks Studio

The documentary A LINE INTO INFINITY is a story about the talented ballet dancer Alexei Avechkin, revealing his creative quest, defeat and inspiration on his way from Brest to Minsk in Belarus and later to Riga, where he as an artist appeared in full glory. In the film, following the most important events of his life, the audience will discover a creative personality, his success and maturity, which goes together with a constant burning of himself on stage. Perhaps this is why Alexei left this world unforgivably early.

Roberts Rubīns - 1

Roberts Rubīns

Latvian documentary filmmaker. Studied film directing at the Latvian Academy of Culture. His full length documentary HOW ARE YOU DOING, RUDOLF MING? made his name known in the world of filmmaking internationally. Has worked for TV and in advertising. Has taken part in many cultural performances as an artistic director, working closely with the Latvian National Opera, Latvian National Concert Agency and several theatres in Latvia. Co-author of the Nature Concert Hall concept.