Miroslav Janek
Universum brdečka
LEMONADE JOE, THE MYSTERIOUS CASTLE IN THE CARPATHIANS, ADELE’S DINNER... These and other Czech hits are linked by one name: Jiří Brdečka (1917 – 1982). Screenwriter, author and illustrator, he worked with Jiří Trnk
Claire Pijman
Living the light – Robby Müller
Robby Müller is one of the few people in the world who knows how to play the sun. How to strike its beams like chords. The director Claire Pijman had access to the thousands of Müller’s Hi8 video diaries, pictures a
Andrey Osipov
Parajanov Tarkovsky Antipenko. Light and shadow
This poetic cinematic essay in Arseny Tarkovsky’s verse is dedicated to the lives and works of three outstanding artists of cinema – Sergei Parajanov, Andrei Tarkovsky and Aleksandr Antipenko.
Audrius Stonys,  Kristīne Briede
Bridges of time
At the beginning of the 1960s, when the French pioneers of cinéma vérité set out to achieve a new realism, and when direct cinema in Québec began to vie for notice, the Baltics witnessed the birth of a generation of
Saskia Boddeke
The greenaway alphabet
The fascinations of Peter Greenaway, whose motto is "art is life and life is art", are captured like butterflies and arranged in an alphabet. In intimate conversations with his 16-year-old daughter Zoë we discover